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$50 Prepaid Visa Card
Price: 6,300 points

The iChoose Prepaid Visa card is a new way to redeem your SmileCity reward points. Your Prepaid Visa card can be replaced if lost or stolen (less a card replacement fee). And it's widely accepted in New Zealand and worldwide - in fact wherever Prepaid Visa cards are accepted.

Safer Online Shopping
The Prepaid Visa card is ideal for small transactions online. That way you don't have to give out your personal credit card details online, and so there's less risk - no one can steal your personal credit card details. This Prepaid Visa card is a must-have for anyone that shops online.

Please note these important conditions:

  • Your Prepaid Visa Card is a single load card, that means once the prepaid value has been used up, the card cannot be topped up with additional funds. The card cannot be topped up with additional funds from any source, including from your SmileCity reward points account.
  • The card expires 12 months from the date of issue. This expiry date will be indicated on the card. At the expiry of the card, you are not entitled to any remaining balance.
  • Your Prepaid Visa card will be issued in your name. Like any normal credit or debit card, the card is not transferrable... you cannot give the card to someone else for them to use. This Prepaid Visa card is not suitable to be given to someone else as a gift.

Where can you use/not use your iChoose Prepaid Visa card?

  • Most online stores should accept Prepaid Visa cards.
  • The card should be accepted at most retail outlets that can process credit/debit card payments electronically. You will not be able to use your Prepaid Visa card at a store that processes credit/debit card transactions with a manual credit card imprint machine.
  • The Prepaid Visa card cannot be used at an ATM.
  • The Prepaid Visa card cannot be used to withdraw cash, including from a merchant when you make a purchase.
Frequently asked questions

Before I use my Prepaid Visa card, what do I have to do?
You must sign the back of your card immediately. You must then activate your card by visiting www.ichoosecard.co.nz. You will need to have your card with you at the time of activation.

How do I find out how much I have left on the card?
Simply visit www.ichoosecard.co.nz and then login to check your transaction history and the balance. You may also call 0800 450 803, however fees will apply.

Can I top up my iChoose Prepaid Visa card?
No, you cannot top up your iChoose Prepaid Visa card. Once all the value on the card has been used, you should cut the card in half and then dispose of it safely.

Does the card have an expiry date?
Yes, the card will expire at the end of the month shown on the front of the card, which is approximately 12 months from the date you received it. At the expiry of the card, you are not entitled to any remaining balance.

What if my card is lost, stolen or damaged?
It is important to treat your iChoose Prepaid Visa card like you would any other credit card or cash. If the card has been lost, stolen or damaged, please immediately phone 0800 450 803 to report this (fees apply).

Can my card be replaced?
You may request a replacement card. If a replacement card is issued, any remaining available balance will be transferred to the replacement card less a $15 card replacement fee and any applicable other fees.

I have waited for 8 weeks now, the card still has not arrived. What should I do now?
You can simply phone the general enquiry line on 0800 424 667 to report this. Please note that you should only contact The Extra Mile Company if you have already waited for 8 weeks.

Why do you need to pass my personal information?
In order to have your iChoose Prepaid Visa card personalised, our redemption partner must be given your personal information, and will arrange to send the card to you directly. If you do not wish for your personal information to be shared with our redemption partner, do not order an iChoose Prepaid Visa card.

Once I have redeemed the card, do any fees apply?
You can use your card to purchase goods and services in New Zealand without incurring any fees. For overseas purchases, a foreign currency service fee applies. Should you call the 24 hour customer support line, fees will apply. There is also a monthly maintenance fee that applies six months from the month your card is valid from (as shown on your card). For a full listing of Fees and Charges, please refer to the Card Terms and Conditions you receive with your card.

Who is the card issuer?
The issuer of the card is Bank of New Zealand.

The information on this webpage is general information only. It is not a substitute for the Card Terms and Conditions, which comprise the contract between you and the issuer of the card. The issuer of the card is Bank of New Zealand.

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