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Questions about Surveys

Businesses, governments, public bodies and similar organisations are interested in the views and attitudes of the people who use their products and services. The more they know about what customers and potential customers, citizens and consumers think, the easier it is for them to improve and adapt what they supply.
We are regularly sending out survey invitations, but cannot say who or when any member will receive invitations as each of our surveys is customised and based around the research goals for each individual client. Depending on your profile, we may ask you to complete surveys more or less often than once per month. For this reason, we ask you to keep your profile as up to date as possible. Please note some firewalls may prevent delivery of our survey invitations.
Each time you complete a client survey (these are different to profile surveys), you are rewarded with points which you can use to redeem for any of our existing reward options once the required minimum is reached.  
You won't be penalised if you do not complete a survey. You can complete as many or as few of the surveys you are invited to participate in. Your points grow the more surveys you complete.
There are a couple of different reasons why this may be the case - firstly you could log in to theSmileCity website, go to 'My Account' and make sure that your email address is listed correctly (including punctuation where appropriate). If it is not, then you will not receive the invitations we are sending (Note: some firewalls may also prevent delivery of email invitations). Also each of our surveys is customised and sent to a random selection of members most likely to qualify. If you elected not to answer some of the questions in your profile, this may reduce the number of surveys you are invited to participate in. In order to be available for as many surveys as possible, we advise you to keep your profile as up to date as possible.
Most of our survey windows open using Pop-ups. It is possible that the survey opened in the background - please check all the browser windows you have open to see if the survey loaded in one of them. However, if you have pop-up blocking software installed on your PC it may interfere with the proper functioning of the SmileCity website. If the website does not respond after clicking the 'Start' button, enter the user settings for your blocking software and add the SmileCity website to the list of sites which you will accept pop-up browser windows from.
If you see this message when trying to access the survey it is most likely that you have already completed the survey. This can either be by the original email invite or the email invite reminder. You can review the status of the surveys you have been invited and participated in by logging into the SmileCity website, and visiting the ‘Survey History’ page under the ‘My Account’ section.
1. In most e-mail programs a piece of text automatically becomes a link if it starts with 'http'. So if you are online & click on the link, you should go straight to the survey. If you are not online, that won't happen. If you are online but the link doesn't take you to the questionnaire, try copying the link and pasting it into the address bar on your browser.

2. Many people may be trying to complete the questionnaire at the same time, which temporarily overloads the server: you will probably succeed if you just try again later.

3. It is possible that the use of JavaScript is switched off in the settings of your browser, in which case the questionnaire will not work. Check the Internet options of your browser and change it if necessary.

4. Most of our surveys are tested on Internet Explorer & if you are using a different kind of browser you may have problems. Try opening the survey in Internet Explorer.
Unfortunately once you have personally registered with the SmileCity panel only you can complete the surveys. Your family and friends are welcome to join the SmileCity website. Please note that each panel member will require a different email address as our quality controls prevent multiple panel members from registering under one e-mail address. All registrations are also subject to our vigorous data quality controls.
Each answer is stored as soon as you click on it. We can only use results from fully completed questionnaires, and you will know that the questionnaire is completed when you come to the final screen and see the message that you have completed the questionnaire. Once that appears, you know that your answers have been successfully sent.
The number of questions varies from one survey to another. We try to keep surveys as enjoyable as possible, although we have to make sure the results are meaningful. In general a survey ranges from 10 to 40 minutes. Generally speaking, the longer the survey the more points it should offer. From time to time we run special projects for clients where the survey might be one or two hours and these are paid at a much higher level.
Unfortunately there is no other way to take part in these online surveys, you need to complete them over the Internet.
Some of our surveys require Macromedia Flash Player. It should only take 2-3 minutes to download here or go to and click on the 'download Flash Player' link. While it is not compulsory that you download Flash Player in advance, it will save you from having to do so when you attempt a survey that requires it.
This is something we are working on, as not all surveys from our clients are tablet/smartphone compatible. There are some surveys that will work very well on your mobile devices, yet we can’t guarantee full functionality of our desktop site, on your mobile devices. Stay tuned for changes during this year!