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Questions about SmileCity

No, membership is restricted to one account per person. However, SmileCity allows two (2) members per household. The additional member is required to use a different email address.

If you wish to unsubscribe you can log into your 'Account' section and click ' Cancel Account'. It could take up to a couple of days to remove your details, during which time you may be invited to take part in a survey - in this case please just ignore the invitation.

Please note that when you unsubscribe all your existing points will be forfeited, therefore you must redeem your points before unsubscribing. Points are not transferable between accounts.

We always welcome new panel members! Your family and friends may simply visit our website and register. Please note that each panel member will require a different email address as our quality controls prevent multiple panel members from registering under one e-mail address.  All registrations are also subject to our vigorous data quality controls. We do not permit or allow membership in the Panel to more than two (2) members per household.

If you move permanently, please cancel your membership by logging in your account and from the menu list click on 'Cancel Account'. Note that you should redeem all your outstanding points first, as points are terminated once you cancel your account. We do not ask to be notified if you are going on holidays, however, we advise you not to access your account in other locations while travelling.

Log into your account and choose from the menu list 'Profile'. Click on the button 'Sign in Detail' to change your password.

To update your postal address, please log into your account and choose from the menu list 'Profile'. Click on the button 'Account Detail' and update your address before saving.

To join they can go to the SmileCity website and click on the 'Join for FREE' link on the right hand side of the page.
Profiles are sets of questions that allow us to learn more about you, your preferences, purchases and daily habits. We then evaluate this information and determine your qualification for surveys. Topics vary and include general questions about profession, electronics, household, travel, beauty and more. However, we can't guarantee participation should you complete all your profile surveys as qualification depends on the responses you provide per study.