Referring Friends

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Earn up to 500 points for referring your family and friends to SmileCity!

Introduce your family and friends to SmileCity and earn $5 worth of points for the first 5 friends that sign up & complete a survey using your personalised link!

The person you refer must join using the referral link, activate their account and complete a survey for you to receive your bonus points.


Please ensure that you properly disclose the connection between you and SmileCity in connection with your use of any banners or links available to recruit or refer others to join SmileCity. Your disclosure should: (i) disclose the actual compensation that you receive for recruiting or referring individuals to join SmileCity; (ii) only include accurate and complete statements about your experience with using the services offered by SmileCity, if applicable; and (iii) not contain any statements or content that is misleading, false, obscene, pornographic, abusive, harassing, illegal, or violating the rights of any third party or that contains the word "free". All disclosures should be clear, conspicuous and easy to read. Please do not send unsolicited email. Please comply with all applicable laws.

Important Information

You are only allowed to have one account. You cannot join or use SmileCity on behalf of a family member or friend.

Penalties apply for creating fraudulent membership accounts. View the SmileCity Terms & Conditions.